Terrific tuesday. Isabel is with me and we're waiting for friends while sitting in a new coffee bar: Hometown Coffee, The Hague. The Whitest Boy Alive and Mumford and Sons come out of the speakers and a Spanish girl sits in the corner behind her MacBook while talking on the phone in her language. It sounds like we're in another country. I do love the language so much. I do like the atmosphere already. Yes, I definitely come back and I haven't even seen the menu yet. The olive-green walls make it cozy and the shiny copper ceiling tiles make my looking at them all the time. I immediately thought about Berlin when we entered; vintage meets chumminess. This place gains a lot of inspiration and causes a really happy feeling. 'One slow coffee please.' Then my friend said, 'now we're in Central Perk. Our own hangout.' I chuckled. 'Yes, it looks like.'

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