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Before the wedding I went to H&M quickly, because I was searching for some comfortable panties underneath my crepe pants. But suddenly I left the shop with a pair of shoes. Why?, I asked myself. They are to high and normally I don't like their shoes so much. But after a night of dancing, they look quite decent, right?

Last friday we had a wedding. I like weddings big time, because it's so nice seeing people happy and in love (or it is because I want to marry too then:)) Oh and not to forget... THE dress! The HAIR! The SHOES! THE RING!!! I'm always so curious. Weddings say a lot about the couple; where is it?; what's the dress code? is it traditional or not?; what kind of friends do they have?; does it come with food? And if yes, what kind of food? The groom was well-dressed and the bride looked astonishing. She is half Indonesian and her dress was as gracious, elegant and delicate as her. The dress code was cocktail attire and this means a dark suit for men and a cocktail dress for women. But: Don't show legs and cleavage at the same time. For the ceremony I wore a beautiful pair of crepe pants (I had to, because the price tag was still on and I like the pants sooooo much but I couldn't find the right moment to wear it! It's a real wardrobe essential for every women and every occasion). In the evening I changed the pants for a long shiny lilac skirt. Let this party begin! Couple looked good. Party was good. Food was good. Atmosphere was perfect. And now I'm sure I want to marry too. In a Lanvin dress. That's also good. 

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