culinary hotspot: Restaurant Frenchie

A street that you would probably not notice and skip altogether is Rue du Nil, yet this is where Gregory Marchand’s food empire is located: Restaurant Frenchie, wine bar Frenchie and Frenchie To Go. When you have closer look the street has something quite happy and pleasant about it, not to even get started about the food yet. Marchand, is not just another name in Foodie land. The fact that Jamie Oliver gave him the name Frenchie and that Greg led the Gramercy Tavern kitchen should just about say enough. 

Whilst we wait in the modest line outside, our reservations are called. “ Madame Duwief?” I smilingly nod and walk into the restaurant. The small space with brick walls, wooden beams and white tablecloths gives us a pleasant impression. It makes me think of an authentic tapas bar, which you know is always full (make reservations for Frenchie at least two months in advance) and the courses are simply great. Only here the foundation is French and the menu is based on seasonal products. There is only one menu that is made up of 3 courses, which are made up of two dishes. 
We start off with champagne (cause that’s what the French do) we choose wine and order. The wine bar across the street is filling up and I then realize that Frenchie truly is great! The waiters are very professional, the food is delicieux ( you have  to try the bred and butter pudding) and Frenchie’s motto ‘have a good time’ has been achieved. Merci Marchand, you’ve given Paris yet another hotspot!

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