Almost Sushi.

Are you a sushi-lover? But no time for the rolling thing? Or you just can’t? We have created an awesome solution: it’s called ‘Almost sushi’ and it’s delicious. You can make a lot, which means that you can have it the next day for lunch. Or even for breakfast, maybe. Serve it cold for summer days with a ginger beer or put it on the table as a side dish for your guests. It’s a favourite one!

Ingredients (3 persons)
1.5 cup brown rice
1 sweet potato
Nori flakes
½ cucumber in cubes
1 avocado in cubes
1 big carrot in cubes
Handful of broccoli
Small hand of radish sprouts to top

2 tbsp of tahin
2 tbsp of soy sauce (glutenfree)
1 tbsp of sesame oil
1 tbsp of agave syrup
3 tbsp of sesame seeds (black)
1.5 tbsp of rice vinegar

Cook the rice according to the instructions and add the sweet potato later on until it’s soft.

Marinate the cucumber, avocado and carrot in the dressing.

Blanch the broccoli and cover it with ice cold water afterwards.

Rinse the rice and potato and add the marinated veggies.

Stir everything well and top it with some sprouts.

You’ll love it! Happy Easter!

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